Meet the Parrs

Wild Ferns® Skincare originates from Parrs Products Ltd, a family business that has been making quality products for over 70 years - 30 of those in the cosmetic industry. Parrs has become renowned for their New Zealand made skincare, all of which feature key naturally occurring ingredients unique to our country. From the design stage to the store shelf, our honest, dedicated team stands by every product, and we are proud to express the spirit of New Zealand in everything we do.

The descendants of floriculturists, the Parr family have always felt a deep connection to nature and our backyard; believing that if you take care of nature- nature will take care of you. For three generations our family has developed a deep understanding of, and appreciation for, our unique flora and fauna; harvesting these natural treasures to craft skincare that celebrates who we are and the place we call home- New Zealand. Whilst powerful, we recognise that nature is also extremely fragile, and we take seriously our role of guardianship to preserve our environment for future generations.

We were the first to realise the benefits of using Thermal Mud and Manuka Honey in skincare. What originally started in the 1980s as an industry-first experiment by producing a bar of soap with Thermal Mud from Rotorua, Parrs Products Ltd has established itself an industry-leading reputation. This ongoing success has allowed us to discover further the many applications of these natural ingredients; while continuing to expand and enhance the selection, quality and benefits of our skincare ranges.


Managing Director

Greg is the Managing Director of Parrs Products, having taken over the operations of the business from his mother Margaret Parr in the late 1980s’.

Beginning his career working with his Father, Des Parr, at a Plant Shop and Nursery for 3 years, Greg has also worked in a variety of sales and advertising roles across the FMCG, advertising, and packaging industries. Greg has significant international business experience, having been involved in both wholesale and retail of gift and skincare products for over 30 years with his wife Janet Parr.

Greg is responsible for leading and inspiring a diverse team; from design, manufacturing, and sales staff; and also guides the strategic direction, long term growth and development of the business.


Creative Director

Drawing on an extensive background and talent in design and arts, Janet leads the business in designing new products; as well as conducting extensive market research both in New Zealand and overseas. Janet began working in floristry after leaving school, eventually working for Des Parr in his plant shop, where she would meet Greg.

Over the following years Greg and Janet worked together to build up the Wild Ferns skincare business.

Janet is now responsible for implementing her creative ideas and concepts into innovative, timeless products.


General Manager

Melissa has worked in the Parrs business for over 30 years. She started working part-time in Procurement and Costing whilst completing a business course specialising in Business Management. Melissa’s main focus in the company is Project Management. She oversees and manages all aspects of New Product Development from concept to production and shipping. She also focuses on improving systems and efficiencies in the on-site warehouse and office, leveraging her extensive knowledge of computer and quality systems management principles.


Sales and Product Development Manager

Tammy has an extensive background in retail sales and store merchandising, having spent time in the UK merchandising and window dressing for Libertys and Burberrys; while also completing studies in photography and graphic design. Tammy joined Parrs Products full time as a Sales Representative in August 2000, managing the Kaitaia to Taupo territory, before moving on to managing Auckland Key accounts.

Her current focus in the company alongside Janet is to lead the design and development of new products, while maintaining strict brand standards both in-store and through the business’ extensive series of advertising campaigns.

Our Commitments

We are proud to express the spirit of New Zealand in everything we do. We are a New Zealand owned, multi-generational family business established in 1951. Over the years we have developed a deep understanding and appreciation for our unique flora and fauna; harvesting these natural treasures to craft beautiful skincare and being inspired to creatively design giftware that celebrates who we are and the place we call home - New Zealand.

  • Location

    In 2010 we consolidated our four sites to one location on Portage Road, New Lynn, Auckland to provide operational efficiencies by having everything in one purposely designed facility. Everything comes in and out of our one location and is close to major transport links. We continually invest in our buildings and surroundings to ensure we maximise energy savings and reduce our carbon footprint. 

  • Edible Garden and Beehives

    The Parr family were dedicated to removing the industrial waste at our Portage Road location and transformed the space with nearly 3,000 carefully selected native bee-friendly plants to ensure nectar was available year-round to feed the bees. The now well-established edible garden and active beehives provide a natural oasis and haven in the middle of a busy industrial area and produce are shared with the staff. We have large water tanks to collect the rainwater and use coffee grounds and food waste collected in our office and warehouse as compost.

  • Ingredients

    We support local New Zealand suppliers to source ingredients for our Wild Ferns skincare products that all have distinctive ingredients derived from New Zealand’s unique landscape such as Manuka Honey, Kiwifruit, Thermal Mud and Manuka Oil to deliver real skincare benefits. We do not use parabens, mineral oil or sodium lauryl sulphate and use beneficial natural ingredients.

  • Packaging

    We spend a lot of time during the development of our products investigating our packaging options and work closely with waste management companies, recyclers and regulators in New Zealand to ensure we make informed circular packaging decisions based on the limited waste infrastructure available in New Zealand. Our Product Development focus for 2022/2024 is to reduce our packaging with lower impact alternatives which can ideally be included in curbside recycling collections across New Zealand to ensure landfill diversion.

  • Waste Minimisation

    We strive for a reduced waste to landfill approach in our operation and have active recycling programmes in place including paper/board, plastic, aluminium and glass waste collections.  In our warehouse, recycle packaging where possible and use recycled and paper-based protection for shipping your orders.

  • Family Owned

    The descendants of floriculturists, the Parr family have always felt a deep connection to nature and our backyard believing that if you take care of nature- nature will take care of you. Established in 1951 we have been creating unique giftware and natural skincare that celebrates the best of New Zealand’s nature. The Parr family are still actively involved in the day to day running of the business from ideation, design to execution and together with their dedicated team are committed to delivering the very best quality products. 

  • Community

    We regularly provide support to our community including food and product donations to local schools and not for profits organisations. We financially provide support to the Orangutan Project, Heartkids and sponsor two puppies through the Blind Low Vision NZ Foundation.

  • Industry Affiliations

    • Cosmetic, Toiletry & Fragrance Association of New Zealand
    • Employers and Manufacturers Association of New Zealand
    • New Zealand Trade and Enterprise
    • Auckland Chamber of Commerce