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The properties of mud and sulphur are combined together to create an effective deep cleansing soap.

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From the intriguing thermal region of Rotorua, comes a combination of two of Nature’s gifts to skincare.

Thermal Mud has an extremely high mineral content and absorbency capacity.

When penetrated into the pores of the skin it has a simultaneous action of absorbing all impurities and excess fatty secretions whilst also nourishing the skin with minerals.

For centuries, sulphur has been renowned for its excellent healing properties and benefits to skin conditions such as acne, oily skin and eczema.

The properties of mud and sulphur when combined together result in a very effective deep cleansing soap.

Directions: Apply to a moist skin, lather and massage smoothly over the face and body. Rinse off with warm water, towel dry and moisturise. Use daily.

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